Differences between Contract and Retail

Differences between Contract and Retail

In the field of brand identity creation, many aspects related to the consumer’s cognitive processes must be taken into account in order to create a unique experience that differentiates an establish-ment from the competition in its sector. From image to touch or scent, all are essential elements that must be addressed through interior design. Contract and Retail are, in this way, two terms derived from interior design applied to the creation of brand experiences.


What is the Contract Sector?

Contract is a concept that refers to the design of spaces in hotel or catering businesses. It is the joint vision of a service through all the factors that influence the experience: furniture, fragrance, colours, materials… For this reason, contract design must be carried out under the advice of specia-lised professionals who guarantee the harmony of the final result. Clients are increasingly deman-ding when it comes to choosing a service in these sectors, as they can compare at the speed of a click and choose the site that best suits their tastes and needs.


What is retail?

Retail is a term used for establishments and businesses that sell directly to the customer. These include supermarkets, perfumeries, boutiques, etc. In each of these cases, the products become the main focus of the customer’s attention. In the design of these spaces, those fixed elements that cannot be moved from their place must be considered in order to integrate them in a functional and even differentiating way. These elements can be stairs, pillars, windows… among others.
The distribution of space, lighting or furniture are part of the main tools to achieve a satisfactory shopping experience for the consumer.

Contract and Retail differences

One of the most representative differences between Contract and Retail is the purpose. In the Contract Sector the design is 100% involved in the service offered to the customer, however, in Retail the aim is to create a brand experience that both facilitates and generates product sales.
In addition, within the Contract sector, products must be stronger and more durable, as they will be in contact with a high number of people and for a long period of time.