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The furniture industry is key in the Region of Murcia, which ranks as the 5th largest furniture producer Region in Spain. It also shows a high degree of internationalisation, being the 8th most exporting region in the country. In 2021, its exports grew by 26.7% and represented 4% of total Spanish furniture exports.

Murcian furniture manufacturers demonstrate their potential in each of the diverse fields in which they operate, with products that stand out for their quality, style and degree of innovation.

Designer furniture has become a strategic element in luxury interior design, and Murcian brands such as Tecni Nova, Beltá Frajumar, Koher and Casual Home & Contract have hopped on this trend through collaborations with renowned international designers to provide versatility and functionality to each of their pieces. Nonetheless, manufacturers have not forgotten about craftmanship, which they combine with the most innovative technologies in the sector. Companies such as Muebles Lino, Mariano Farrugia and Zache Diseño maintain the classic style and tradition very much present in their designs.

Likewise, the rise of contemporary style -innovative, simple, cosy and functional- is present in the furniture produced in the Region. Contemporary furniture brands like Nogal Yecla,Tendencias Marín, Comodón and Cauxi are continually experimenting with shapes, new materials and textures to create highly personalised products that respond to current trends.

Upholstered furniture is one of the most important sub-sectors in the Region. As a result of the pandemic, the home and the time we spend in it have been revalued, and people are increasingly investing in transforming the different rooms in their homes into places where they can spend comfortable quality time. This is where beds, sofas and upholstered armchairs gain importance. The latest interior decoration trends confirm that we now look for comfortable, resistant, elegant and stylish sofas, and manufacturers in the Region of Murcia – Tecni Nova and TM Sillerías, for example – ensure that their products adapt to these needs.

In addition to the home, this type of products along with others such as benches, lounge chairs and ottomans, are used in the contract sector to decorate commercial and hospitality spaces. Brands such as Pedro Ortiz, Suinta, Sitsofa, Dina Tapizados and Tayber provide the best upholstered furniture for these public spaces.

Therefore, it is worth highlighting the wide range of solutions for furnishing collective spaces offered by companies from the Region of Murcia. On the one hand, outdoor furniture companies such as QZ Urban Furniture, Tecni Toldo, Newgarden or OI SIDE can dress up urban projects and transform outdoor spaces into true oasis of calm and relaxation with pieces in which design, technological innovation and versatility are key. Their offer includes chairs, tables, sun loungers, sofas, parasols, outdoor lighting, room dividers, awnings… etc.

Furniture manufacturing companies of the Region of Murcia also stand out in the residential contract field. The Contract Platform Murcia presents architecture and interior design studios that work in this sector and that strive to bring a unique style and design to all their projects. Clavel Arquitectos, Mixtura, VCMV Arquitectura Interior, Marina Valenti and Emilio García Roca are some of them.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the corporate contract sector: workspaces and offices where quality, ergonomics, design and competitiveness are fundamental. The platform includes a group of very dynamic engineering, architecture and interior design studios that are specialized in this area: Dictinio de Castillo Arquitectos, Clavel Arquitectos and Mixtura Arquitectos.

As a conclusion the furniture manufacturing in the Region of Murcia is a booming activity which, thanks to its diversity, allows companies to work in different sectors and to offer products of the best quality and design, making a great effort to stay at the forefront of the latest trends. Do not miss the opportunity to get inspired by the innovative proposals of the furniture companies and interior design studios of the Region of Murcia!