Interior design trends for 2023

Interior design trends for 2023

The contract sector is constantly evolving and every year new trends emerge in the world of interior design. By 2023, it is expected that the incorporation of technological elements in the design of commercial and office spaces, as well as the implementation of sustainable and ecofriendly solutions, will be boosted. Designers are looking to create spaces that not only look attractive, but are also comfortable and functional for those who use them.

Technology is here to stay in 2023 in interior design.

One of the most relevant trends will be the integration of technology into interior design. This will be reflected in the incorporation of smart devices in offices, such as lighting and climate control systems controlled by voice or mobile apps, as well as the creation of collaborative workspaces using virtual and augmented reality.

Sustainability remains the trend

The sustainable and ecofriendly approach is also expected to become increasingly important in the contract sector. This will translate into the implementation of energy and water-saving design solutions, as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials in the construction and decoration of commercial and office spaces.

Other trends we will see in 2023

In addition, other elements are also expected to stand out as trends in 2023:

Bold colours: As designers look to differentiate themselves, bright and bold colours are expected to be popular in the contract sector. These colours create a fun and welcoming atmosphere in a space. Colours such as yellow, lime green and orange will be increasingly seen in contract spaces.

Functional furniture: Functional furniture has been a growing trend in the contract sector. This is because designers are trying to maximise clients’ space by providing multifunctional furniture. For example, an armchair can have built-in storage, a table can have a hidden compartment and a bed can have a wardrobe underneath. These are some ideas that will be increasingly seen in the contract sector in 2023.

Smart lighting: Smart lighting is becoming increasingly popular in the contract sector. This is because designers are looking for ways to save energy and keep spaces at a constant temperature. This is achieved through smart lighting, which can be programmed to switch on and off automatically. This technology can also be used to adjust lighting according to the function of a space.

Sensors: Sensors are also becoming increasingly popular in the contract sector. These sensors can help designers measure the flow of people in a space, detect moving objects and monitor noise levels. This technology helps designers design more functional and safer spaces for clients.

These are some of the trends expected for the contract sector in 2023. Designers are trying to meet the needs of their clients by using sustainable materials, bold colours, functional furniture, smart lighting and sensors. These trends will help designers create safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for their clients.