Plataforma Contract has gone live, dedicated to the contract furniture and furnishings sector, creates synergies between key players including habitat companies, architects , interior designers , developers and project executors ).The aim is to provide comprehensive solutions for hotel design and decoration projects, residential housing complexes, commercial premises, healthcare facilities, educational buildings, airports and so on.

The platform showcases and positions companies from the Region of Murcia (Spain) on the international market.

Its mission comprehends promoting cooperation between local companies that are actively present in the market, and establishing links with project leaders worldwide.


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Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

The Region of Murcia is a perfect example. It has managed to retain industrial tradition in trades that have evolved hand in hand with industrial globalisation.

We bring people, space and technology together. The outcome is a comprehensive range of businesses and business people with the ability to manage exclusive projects anywhere in the world.

If you have a company related to the contract, this plan interests you.

Since 2016 we have been working together with companies and consultants specialized in the design and execution of a Plan to enhance the offer of the companies and professionals of the Region of Murcia that participate in this channel and take advantage of the new national and international business opportunities.

Foro Contract Mediterráneo is an international forum organised by the regional development agency in Murcia (Instituto de Fomento). The objective is clear: creation of opportunities for industry experts to share knowledge and promote innovation and cooperation in the creation of new spaces for leading projects worldwide.

Industry players can utilise the event to uncover an exhaustive range of business activities comprehending design, manufacture, supply and installation of all-embracing furnishing solutions for collective venues. The predominantly international mood is one of collaboration.

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Parking Structure Architecture, Parking Structure Design y Parking System Innovation

FTPA Awards of Excellence // Clavel Arquitectos

Alain Ducasse Mix Restaurant

Design Middle East // Clavel Arquitectos

2nd Prize International Industrial for Furniture

21st Cetem International Industrial Design Competition for Furniture // María Franco y Denis Calle

3rd Prize - Vis a Vis Project

16th Cetem International Competition of Industrial Design of Furniture // Daniel García Sanchez

Finalist - TEJA2 CURVA2 Project

15th Cetem International Furniture Design Competition // 3 patas

1st Prize - Quadratta Project

12th Edition of the Cetem International Competition of Industrial Design of Furniture // Manuel Marco Muñoz

Museum Garage

JW Magazine, Culture, Lifestyle and Tradition // Clavel Arquitectos

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean at Nuñez de Balboa, Madrid

Lighting Award of the Year // Clavel Arquitectos

2nd Prize - Planto Project

20th Cetem International Industrial Design Competition for Furniture // Daniel San Juan y Miguel Loro

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