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At Contract Region of Murcia we offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions so that you can boost your project and achieve your goals. At Contract Region of Murcia we offer architecture, design, engineering and technology solutions, turnkey projects, as well as indoor and outdoor equipment. We are always focused on companies in the Region of Murcia and the development of their projects, initiatives and innovations. We value and boost them.



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The basis of the Contract Region of Murcia is the balance between evolution, innovation and the industrial tradition of our land. The aim is to continue to grow and promote companies in the Region. In the following gallery of projects we can discover this balance from some companies that actively participate and continue to innovate and create unique pieces and spaces with the help of the Contract Region of Murcia.

Capri & Mallorca – Ítaca & Mallorca

Residencial – Apartamentos Harrison Varma

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At Contract Region of Murcia we connect people, space and technology. The result? Companies and professionals capable of managing unique projects all over the world. Always betting on the talent of the Region of Murcia.

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Businesses of Contract Platform Region of Murcia stand out in different areas at a national and international level. As a result, these are some of the awards received.

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Our platform is designed in order to create a synergy between the stakeholders that take action in the contract channel and offering comprehensive solutions for design projects, hotel decor, residential complexes or commercial premises, among others.

We want to give visibility to the companies of our land, to their projects and to encourage them, to boost the sector and to ensure that they continue innovating and making great advances both for the Region of Murcia and for the countries where we participate.
Thanks to this, the Contract Platform Region of Murcia is the perfect opportunity for the companies of the contract channel that want to open up to new markets, innovating and collaborating with large companies and projecting their actions in the national and international sphere.
Collaborating with large companies in the sector so that together and with the help of Contract Region of Murcia, they can put this region and all these companies in the place they deserve.
With this initiative, Contract Region of Murcia aims to support, value and position the companies of the Region of Murcia at an international level.
The Contract Region of Murcia platform is the perfect showcase for local companies to publicise their projects, the innovations they are working on and, in short, to increase their visibility.