// Plan Contract Región de Murcia

If you have a company related to the contract, this plan is of interest to you..

Following the objectives of sectorial plans, at INFO we have been working since 2016 with companies and specialized consultants on an Internationalization Plan with the aim of detecting and taking advantage of new business opportunities.

// What is it?

This is a marketing channel that integrates the sectors of architecture, construction, furniture, upholstery, lighting, natural stone, engineering and any other product or service that can participate in comprehensive projects for the collective equipment of public or private buildings.

This business formula, in addition to being an opportunity for all these sectors, allows us to provide a global solution to large projects such as hotels, resorts, hospitals, government buildings or tourist complexes, among many others.

// How is it structured?

In several phases that complement each other:

Awareness and networking: with the aim of enhancing and positioning at international level the offer of companies in the habitat sector in our region, we organize international meetings in which collaboration dynamics between companies are encouraged and contact with national and international specifiers is facilitated, a key element of the contract channel.

Likewise, we have recently begun to carry out strategic reflection webinars that allow the simultaneous participation of international experts and the access of companies with great agility.

The final objective is to create a “contract community” and to this end a Contract Region of Murcia Platform has been set up to promote cooperation between our regional companies and contact with project leaders at an international level.

Training: to increase the skills of our companies and professionals in both strategic and technical areas. Specialized conferences and workshops.

Promotion: commercial missions to those destination markets considered strategic with the aim of enabling companies to come into contact with key agents in the awarding of projects.

In short, the perfect opportunity for the companies of the contract channel of the Region of Murcia that want to open up to new markets, innovating and collaborating with large companies and projecting their actions in the national and international sphere.