Upholstery Leather: The 3 Best Options

Upholstery Leather: The 3 Best Options

When choosing leather to upholster your sofa, chaise longue or other furniture, there are three main options to consider: full grain leather, lightly pigmented grain leather and pigmented leather.

Upholstery leather has long been a favourite material in interior decoration, lending an air of elegance and distinction to the spaces in which it is used. We cannot overlook the durability and comfort that this natural material brings to your furniture.

The market offers a wide variety of leathers for upholstery. Therefore, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the characteristics of each option, in order to select the type of leather that best suits your needs. https://mfarrugia.com/piel-para-tapizar

Starting with full grain leather, this is a popular choice of upholstery leather. It is characterised by retaining all of its original grain and pores, free from pest marks or insect bites. It is extremely durable and adapts well to ambient and body temperatures, adding a touch of exclusivity to your furniture. However, this leather requires special care to maintain its beauty and durability.

Lightly pigmented grain leather is another outstanding upholstery leather option. Although its natural pore is less evident due to a manufacturing process that includes a light sanding of the surface, the natural markings are still visible, adding a touch of authenticity. This leather is given a pigmented colour and protective finish to ensure its durability.

Finally, pigmented leather is another excellent upholstery leather option. Through a process of manipulation, this leather achieves a uniform appearance with no visible pores, while still maintaining the strength characteristics of leather. Ideal for homes with children and pets, thanks to its softness and easy care.

Choosing the perfect upholstery leather for your furniture depends on your tastes and needs. With a solid understanding of these three main options, you will be better equipped to make an informed and appropriate decision for your home.