Contract Webinar: A shared vision from Latin America, USA, Europe

Webinar Contract: Una visión compartida desde Latinoamérica, EEUU, Europa

Call for applications : 01/04/20 07/04/20

Celebration : 07/04/20 07/04/20

Schedule : 16:30 – 17:45

Information and contact:

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The Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia, together with UNEX, the Business Association of Habitat, its internationalization and the “contract”, invites you to participate in a series of telematic seminars where you can share visions between different international professionals, anticipating the opportunities that will arise in the new international scenario post-COVID19.

The objective is to create a space for reflection and proposals for initiatives that contribute to taking perspective and analysing, together, alternatives to overcome the current situation, trying to stimulate the market as we are going to find it. It will also focus on how this new experience that we are living can affect the design, construction, materials and, ultimately, the entire value chain of the ‘contract’ channel.

Target audience: Companies, agents and associations involved in the marketing of products through the contract sector

Cost: Free