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 //Urban furniture and outdoor furniture
 //From: 2020

Urban furniture that can be used indoors and outdoors for large groups of people or at event locations. For example, shopping centres, conference halls, etc.

Three essential pillars form the basis of our company: design, technology and sustainability. The fact that we started out as an architecture firm and have over 30 years of experience in public spaces is key to who we are. We aim to deliver products that are produced based on parametric or generative design with top-quality ergonomic standards that meet the project scope. We work with leading experts in the field to develop each piece. Not all artisans or companies can meet the quality standards we demand. As a firm, we are also aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), providing sustainable products that retain their aesthetic value.

We like to establish a close relationship with our clients. We do not simply obtain the items we need and forget about the project. We like to study it, analyse it and give the client suggestions about the pieces that best suit their project. We can also develop them from scratch if this fits in with both parties’ needs. We are currently undertaking an expansion project, which is why we are working with a range of distributors across different locations. Production is entirely controlled from headquarters.

As we have previously mentioned, our values include high-end design and the best technology on the market in combination with project personalisation. It makes us a unique business that has been given numerous international awards. High-end design pieces represent us best.



We were given the following international awards in 2020 and 2021:

  • A+Awards de Architizer. Nueva York.
  •  SBID Product Design Awards. Londres.
  • International Design Awards (IDA). Los Ángeles (California).
  • London International Creative Competition (LICC).
  • A’ Awards. Milán




Fibreglass, concrete, wood, recycled plastic, zinc sheets, copper sheets, stone of all kinds and a range of steels.

Industrial capacity

We outsource manufacture so it depends on the type of order that has been placed, but we work with producers that have the latest machinery on the market for creating moulds and for making pieces using 7-spindle milling machine, industrial-size 3D printers, industrial-size simple cutting machines and a very experienced and large team of human resources that can handle all types of projects.

We can currently supply approximately one element per mould every three days.

Production is much swifter for elements that do not require a mould.


We have BIM capability.


We are currently negotiating projects in a range of countries such as Panama, Mexico and Columbia. Agreements are pending.


Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

Enrique Mínguez Ros

(+34) 699 127 383


(+34) 699 127 383


 //Awards & publications         


Best product of 2020 by popular vote in the category “Outdoor & Materials”

A+Awards - Architizer.com // QZ Urban Furniture

The benches “MANGA” and “COLA DE BALLENA” are part of the urban furniture designed for the Project: Plazas al Mar y su conexión: Plaza Zoco Levante, Plaza Castillos de Mar y su conexión, del Tramo III del Paseo Marítimo en La Manga del Mar Menor. Mar Mediterráneo. T.M. San Javier

Project: Plazas al Mar y su conexión // QZ Urban Furniture

The benches “Gavión”, “Fractal” and “Euclídeo”banco are part of the Project: Vía Pecuaria Cañada Real de Torreaguera, Sector Cementerio de La Alberca – Campus Universitario de la Salud in El Palmar (Murcia)

Project: Vía Pecuaria Cañada Real de Torreaguera, Sector Cementerio de La Alberca // QZ Urban Furniture

Two designs nominated in the “Outdoor” category

SBID product design awards - Society of British & International Design // QZ Urban Furniture

The pergola “Fractal” and the benches “Fractal” and “Euclídeo” are part of the urban furniture designed for the Project: Remodelación de Eje Urbano en Aledo (Murcia)

Project: Remodelación de Eje Urbano en Aledo // QZ Urban Furniture

The pergolas “Marte” and “Saturno” have been placed in the N-340 remodeling as it passes through Totana and in Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (Murcia)

N-340 remodeling // QZ Urban Furniture