Muebles Lino

Muebles Lino

 //Muebles Lino         

 //Interior design, furniture and textiles
 //From: 1940

All types of furniture for the contract furniture and furnishings industry based on the client’s specifications, desired level of quality and design characteristics.

Muebles Lino was established in 1940 and specialises in manufacture and sale of furniture. The company has a range of products that combine artisan tradition in furniture manufacture with quality and exclusive designs. The results are unique, elegant products that bear the hallmarks of our characteristic style.

We are currently increasing production capacity and renewing our technology. Above all, we are putting everything into opening up new markets worldwide and ensuring that our clients are given our utmost attention at all times.

Our mission is to deliver made-to-measure, excellent quality décor projects in wood, manage projects and always deliver precisely what our clients are looking for.

We use top-quality wood and materials in our manufacturing process, as endorsed by the corresponding certifications. We do this with utmost respect for the environment. Quality at all levels is our main priority in each and every project. 


  • Preparation of the client’s baseline project.
  • Preparation of manufacture and installation plans.
  • Selection of samples for client approval.
  • Technical planning and guidance.


  • 5,000m2 facilities.
  • Numerical controls, paint and varnish booths.
  • Carpentry, lacquering, gold leaf, etc.
  • Pre-assembly and packaging Labelling.
  • Quality Control.


  • In-house assembly in any country.
  • Assembly supervision service.
  • Assembly technical support.




Wood, veneers, metal, stone, etc.


Morocco, USA, Russia, UAE, Qatar.


Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

Jose Soriano

(+34) 678 559 963

(+34) 968 751 181