//Interior design, furniture and textiles
 //Since: 1988

We especially manufacture indoor furniture and sofas, in classic, contemporary and modern styles. We sell indoor produce and a wide range of outdoor furniture, lighting, textile and natural stone. We supply all products aimed for domestic, office or community equipment. And we offer our design and production services for any project or special requirement.

Why should customers pay attention to you? What is your added value compared to the competition? What are your values? How do you relate in the market? What is your way of thinking and acting in the Contract sector? What differentiates you, what makes you special? (Avoiding falling into clichés)

We are a company dedicated to exporting for more than 33 years, which has been soaking up the trends and peculiarities of the furniture sector and everything that surrounds it in different countries, creating a professional family capable of adapting in a chameleonic way to any challenge may come.

The experience acquired during all these years has facilitated the necessary learning to respond to any need with the evolution of society in the interior design and architecture sector. To the point that we not only offer a product and make it reach anywhere in the world, but we also provide comprehensive solution to make life easier for our customers. We design and develop both interior and exterior projects, furniture being our specialty, without forgetting related sectors such as lighting, textiles and other equipment, managing to offer a complete service in all its aspects. Furniture for home, office, hotel, restaurant or any other space in its maximum spectrum, covering everything necessary to give warmth to the room to be equipped.

Finally, and consequently, one of the adjectives that defines us is adaptability. This means that we work hand in hand with the client, this being our main and most important starting point. Our job is to respond to your needs from your request. Either from the design and development of tailor-made and/or exclusive projects such as the sale of the product from our standard or OEM order.

For this, we have a great professional team made up of architects, designers and a good commercial network, as well as a specialized carpentry and assembly team, with expert professionals in the world of wood, electricity and other related techniques, which allow the captioned versatility.



We have been developing projects from design, manufacture to assembly, of embassies and other government administrations of Arab ministries such as Kuwait, Qatar and UAE.

Also large projects such as the Formula 1 City of Kuwait (F1 Kuwait Motor Town), resorts such as “La Creole Beach” in Guadeloupe (French Antilles) and hotels such as Kempinski 5 * GL in Estepona-Spain. And many others that can be browsed in our website.




Generally natural materials, such as solid wood, veneer, stone, metal, glass, natural fabrics as silk or linens, etc. But also, other synthetics such as laminates, HPL, acrylics, plastics, fabrics as viscose or other, etc.

Industrial capacity

We carry out corporate and Contract projects that involve large productions, sometimes systematized and other more specialized in terms of measurements and materials or manufacturing methods. We have a large industrial capacity supported by our local collaborator factories.


We provide specific certifications for each project / contract.


Especially all the countries of the Middle East, main capitals of Europe, Asia and part of Africa. In addition, we do projects in areas of the Caribbean, Central America and Australia.


Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

Helena Hernández Pérez

(+34) 635 85 44 40

(+34) 968 750 600