//Manufacturers of mattresses, couches and headboards for hotels
 //From: 1985

Mattresses, beds and fabric headboards.

We are a leading brand in the bedroom furniture industry where we have sustained a long-term presence as expert craftspeople in the manufacture of mattresses. The brand itself. Tradition, passion and family. Direct and personalised. When we came to understand that travelling for work or for pleasure ought be a singular experience, it was clear that we had a role to play in the hospitality sector.

We have 5 showrooms exclusively for our brand in Taipei (Taiwan). One of these showrooms was the first ever unmanned showroom in the world. That is, there is no staff at the shop. Spaces are all reserved using digital technology.




Springs and foam (super soft and viscoelastic).

Industrial capacity

850 mattresses a day. All our technology is new and so our machinery is the most precise and up-to-date on the market.




Europe, Asia and America.


Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

Miguel Serna

+34 608 82 11 46

+34 968 75 26 55