Beltá & Frajumar

Beltá & Frajumar

 //Beltá & Frajumar         

 //Interior design, furniture and textiles
 //From: 1967

Furniture (sofas, sofa beds, easy chairs, chairs, tables, mirrors, coat racks, sideboards).

Beltra Frajumar is a family-run business that champions quality and design. With a team of prestigious international designers, we put everything into every little detail during the manufacturing process (top-quality raw materials, craftsmanship, quality tests, etc.) and product design. Furthermore, the company is deeply committed to sustainability and uses materials that do not contaminate. The renewable energy sources at our facilities decrease our carbon footprint. At market level, we are committed to client relations and deliver the very best solutions and results that adapt to suit the needs of each project. The company aims to create singular spaces with exceptional items of furniture.

Our stand-out features include quality, design, craftsmanship and family.




Wood, metallic structures, textiles, marble.

Industrial capacity

Regarding technology, we have numerical control machinery, laser cutting, computer machining systems (CNC)

Industrial capacity to supply furniture to hotel chains.


ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

Environmental Certificate 14001


Spain, France, Mexico


Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

Jorge Juan Ortiz

+34 653 359 276

+34 968 719 111