Wow effect and total security, by Gina Rosete

Wow effect and total security, by Gina Rosete

2020 the challenge and responsibility of interior designers in the contract sector

Today we have the great opportunity to add reflections, ideas and proposals with experts from all over the world, with the ease of a “Click”, we can connect “face to face” with virtually hundreds of people around the planet. I find that fascinating!

In these moments the virtual and the handling of the technology became the most solicitous tool to find us, to communicate and to approach us.

The paradox in these moments is the level of connectivity that we can achieve with all people via the Internet and on the other hand, we cannot be close to any person in a real space.

It’s strange, but it’s the new reality, to quote Charles Darwin :

“The species that survive are not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the most intelligent; but those that adapt best to change.

In the struggle for survival, the fittest win at the expense of their rivals because they manage to adapt better to their environment.

It will depend as always on the decision making of each individual, each company or organization.

Be proactive, learn to unlearn, adapt, experiment, collaborate, make synergies and above all maintain a positive and resilient attitude.

In the last 3.5 months, the world has changed and so has the industry to which we are dedicated, today it is very important to guarantee the security of our clients, of each guest and collaborator in a hotel or restaurant, as an interior architect we must add to our architectural programs new needs, restructure, reinvent, evaluate what is really important, but not leave behind that the Design has the objective of improving people’s lives, design is not a banal activity, it has changed the world, the way of living it and today more than ever it is time to demonstrate it.

To return to the fundamental and important thing in the experience of a guest, without forgetting that in a hotel depending on its typology, but in the case of a Resort, people look for life experiences, to enjoy, to rest, to share with their loved ones.

We have to ask the right questions, so that the design of the right answers

How to follow the protocols, without forgetting the WOW effect in a hotel project?

What activities or spaces should be adapted?

For how long?

Should we design with the immediate circumstances in mind or should we divide the changes into stages?

How fragile is our coexistence?

Should we design ahead of any eventuality, such as the present one?

The answers to these questions and more, will be answered by adding the experience and point of view of all of us who are part of this industry: investors, operators, architects, interior designers, engineers, even housekeepers are contributing very valuable ideas.

Today, knowledge and value chains must be formed, interconnected with the same purpose.

Do not forget that the guest pays for memorable experiences, memories to collect, adventures, dreams to materialize.

Since there is a world of different typologies in the hotel industry and each one responds to particular needs, the general protocols will be the same, the impacts will be different.

In a hotel the invisible of the Service and the BOH, now must be shown, which showcase of a Boutique.

Today we must put in the center the people who live each space, I mean all users, guests, customers, employees, the interior design must respond creatively and intelligently, avoiding paralysis by analysis.

Some ideas and specific proposals for the Resorts that are the projects in which we participate more, could be:

To take advantage of and use exterior areas

Adapt ephemeral spaces, promote the leasing of furniture so as not to have to invest large amounts, at this time, open-air cinemas, seek a greater connection with nature, offer external catering

Virtual experiences, it is vital to add “touchless” technology, for all public spaces

Use of appropriate materials,

Most of these elements already exist in the industry, now we have to specify and use them, and add them as a value chain.

“Collaborative design is definitely the answer”, and the proactive synergies of all the “players” in each industry, will add value to the change, without forgetting that a guest will always look for the “WOW” effect in each experience.


General Manager of Tropiqa Design Studio

Originally from Mexico City, Architect graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and with postgraduate studies at the Anahuac University, specializing in Interior Design, focused on Hospitality with 15 years of experience in high level projects in: Mexico, United States, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and France.

Gina was formed by collaborating with important interior design firms and in 2015 she founded Tropiqa Design Studio, a multidisciplinary company based in Cancun, Quintana Roo, dedicated to Hotel and Commercial Interior Design, with a wide range of solutions, from conceptualization to design, project management, strategic planning, and purchasing and supply services.

Its vocation is to materialize the desire and needs of customers, creating experiences for each guest, which will be added to the collection of memories.