Zache Diseño

Zache Diseño


 //Interior design, furniture and textiles

We specialize in the manufacture of all types of furniture and custom furniture.

Zache Diseño was founded in 1991 in the city of Yecla, Province of Murcia, Spain. In 1994 the company’s name was changed to Zadise Muebles Auxiliares S.L.u. We now export to more than 27 countries.

Quality and Service

Final finishes that are sometimes truly handcrafted. Delivery directly or through specialized transport companies. We have a team of highly qualified professionals.


The materials used for the manufacture of our furniture are all of national and Italian origin, thus complying with the guarantee and quality standards required by the EEC.


We invest to be able to update our catalogue with vanguard articles and to incorporate new technologies that guarantee the best result in our final products.

Industrial capacity

Maquinaria especializada en la fabricación de muebles, controles numéricos, etc


  • Wood
  • Natural veneers
  • Steel




Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

Francisco Javier Puche Albert