//Sitsofa SL

 //Design of sofas and armchairs, removable and detachable covers
 //Since: 2019

SITSOFA is a Spanish furniture editor that designs, supervises the manufacture, and commercialises sofas and armchairs with their own features.

We are a new brand, so the product is very fresh and original. We like to think that we provide solutions of contemporary design at the best possible price.

All our products have removable covers for easy maintenance. We manufacture covers for each model for easy updating and renovation of the upholstery. The sofas and armchairs are removable and easy to assemble without the need for tools.

The products are very transportable because they are shipped in small and lightweight boxes, guaranteeing access to any part of the world in a convenient way. Our products are manufactured in Spain, with European quality standards and proximity criteria.

We design and manufacture with a view to extending the life cycle of products and facilitating the recycling of their components. We consider industry and craftsmanship inseparable in the manufacturing process. We personalise our sofas and armchairs.




  • Pine wood for the frame
  • 30 kg polyurethane foam for the seat padding. Fibre for seat padding
  • Elastic strap for support
  • Painted steel for the fittings
  • Painted metal for the furniture legs

Industrial capacity

We do not produce directly; we only supervise the manufacturing process. We are manufactured in the upholstery industry in Yecla.


None, they certifications are provided by the supplying companies.


Spain, Region of Murcia.


Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

Miguel Angel Muñoz Melero