Oi Side

Oi Side


 //Design and manufacture of outdoor furniture

OISIDE is specialised in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture.

OISIDE is a Spanish company specialising in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture for Contract and residential spaces. Innovative, sustainable, and sophisticated furniture, endowed with intelligent details thanks to the talent of our designers. We develop our collections with an eye to the future, both aesthetically and in terms of strength and quality.

Durable furniture with timeless beauty is the best way to create a future for people and the planet.



Metals (aluminium / stainless steel), Wood (HPL, IROKO, OKUME), Fabrics and derivatives (rope, solution-dyed acrylic, vinyl), and Stone (marble / porcelain).

Industrial capacity

We are continuously developing our production capacity.


OISIDE has BIM skills.


Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Holland, Hungary, France, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, South Africa, Portugal, Turkey, England, Japan, Australia, Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

Pedro Andrés Martínez Romera.

 //Awards & publications


Parking Structure Architecture, Parking Structure Design y Parking System Innovation

FTPA Awards of Excellence // Clavel Arquitectos

Alain Ducasse Mix Restaurant

Design Middle East // Clavel Arquitectos

Museum Garage

JW Magazine, Culture, Lifestyle and Tradition // Clavel Arquitectos

Atardecer en el Pacífico en Nuñez de Balboa, Madrid

Lighting Award of the Year // Clavel Arquitectos