MIXTURA | arquitectura y diseño

MIXTURA | arquitectura y diseño


 // Architecture and design
 // From: 2018

Planning and design of spaces, consultancy services for spatial and urban organisation, communication and marketing.

Mixtura is an architecture and design firm that works with the physical limitations of each space and a fusion of disciplines. We create projects that blend architecture and urban planning with other disciplines such as art, experiential marketing, communication, audience participation, graphic design and interior design. Our designs are underpinned by architecture DNA, analysis, project contextualisation within the environment, materiality, functionality, usage and purpose.




It depends on the project. Construction of ephemeral architecture.

Industrial capacity

Between 12 and 24 projects a year.




Murcia region


Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

Jimmy Alexander Viñan Romero

 //Awards & publications        


Finalist for the Audi Innovative Design Talent award

Publication in New Style Magazine, in August 2016, as a finalist for the Audi Innovative Design Talent 2016 award, to support the most innovative emerging design, with the Q-B bottle rack.