Mariano Farrugia

Mariano Farrugia


 //Since: 1996

Mariano Farrugia, S.L. is the leading Spanish manufacturer of natural leather, and a supplier of textiles and accessories for the furniture, leather goods, and automotive industries.

In addition to the industrial channel, we work with the Contract channel through architects, decorators, and interior designers to meet the highest demands of the hotel, restaurant, and residential Contract channel.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have more than 4 million m² of leather in permanent stock.

Mariano Farrugia has managed to offer a product with the highest quality standards and the best value to the customer.

Mariano Farrugia can offer a wide range of products with immediate delivery thanks to our large stock, and can also manufacture personalised products made to measure for the most demanding customers.

We are distinguished by our product variety and quality, service quality, and company image.

Our added value compared to our competitors is our wide range of products and colours, as well as our attractive prices.

Our values are image, quality, price, and service.

We think that the key is to do things that are different from what everyone else is doing, to do things that surprise and generate interest in the sector.

We differentiate ourselves by thinking differently and trying to find new solutions.

We sell leather, fabrics, fibres, microfibres, mechanisms for sofas, relax armchairs, sofa beds, and headboards for beds.




Leather, fabrics, fibres, microfibres, and mechanisms.

Industrial capacity

We are focused on the commercial sector. We do not have industrial or technological capacity, but we have manufacturers who collaborate with us to carry out any Contract project.


Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Malta, Portugal, France, England, and Morocco.


Person in charge of the Contract program in the company:

José David Valero

+34 636 01 14 23