//Interior design, furniture and textiles

We started working in the wood sector in 1973 in a small workshop in El Raal (Murcia, Spain) specializing in the kitchen sector, and shortly after that we dedicated ourselves in depth to the design and manufacture of auxiliary kitchen furniture.

We have grown by working on it and adapting to the new times with what all this implies. We started from scratch, with few hands but a lot of illusion and above all a lot of desire.

We still have our roots in the same place where our journey began, but now we have a few meters and hands more, we are manufacturers, we have appropriate facilities to meet any idea (or madness, without madness we would not be here) that you think or offer us.

One of the bases of our company is to have a good service, it seems to us fundamental and for that reason we worked hard to surpass to us every day a little more, each one of the areas of production of the 4,000m2 of facilities with which we counted are totally equipped with end technology and a team of highly qualified people prepared to make each order with dedication, and to make it arrive at its destiny as soon as possible, always in the best conditions.

We have our own transport system, which guarantees delivery times and the perfect condition of the goods during transport.

Therefore we offer a complete process, from the design of our products, the subsequent execution by expert hands until the final delivery of the product.
All this is done in Murcia, with national and high quality products.

“This is just a little bit of what we are, now is when you have to put us to the test to show you what we are really capable of doing”. Santiago Cámara

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