Corporate Social Responsibility

INFO, as a particularly active entity of the regional administration in its relationship with companies, has a special commitment to all those aspects that make up the life of the regional business fabric, such as Corporate Social Responsibility. On the one hand, through the commitment of its employees to the society in which they work and, on the other, by cooperating in the implementation of corporate social responsibility projects.

What are INFO’s commitments in CSR?

Beyond the regulations and legality to which INFO is obliged, as an organism of the regional government, both the individual employees and the organization as a whole have various commitments that actively contribute to optimizing the conditions in the social, economic and labor field in which it carries out its activities. To be noted:

Environmental responsibility: with a better management of the resources used in its facilities: water, office material, cleaning products, means of transport, energy efficiency, as well as being an active member of international bodies committed to these tasks.
Assessment of the impact of its activities: in the social context, mainly with regard to the business fabric, the main focus of its actions, giving priority to those that serve to unite society through the creation of employment and wealth. Most of them, like the aid programmes, are constantly evaluated in order to optimise them.
Working conditions: supervision of the working conditions and health of all workers, even beyond what is required by current legislation.
Maintenance of professional ethics and the fight against corruption, in accordance with the regulations required by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund (ERDF), to which Info is indebted for a large part of its financing.
Do you participate in specific CSR activities?

Yes, some are permanent and others are carried out in response to specific needs and emergencies caused by unforeseen events, some are corporate and others are initiated by employees. Thus:

Collaboration with regional health services, as in the spring of 2020 to collect protection material to fight against the coronavirus.
Info has joined the United Nations Global Compact to promote sustainable development through the implementation of 10 Universal Principles on human rights and business.
Collaboration with certain organisations such as the Red Cross, Jesús Abandonado and others to develop inclusion programmes through specific methodologies for entrepreneurs.
Specific campaigns, on the occasion of Christmas, such as the Solidarity Day to collect toys and monetary donations with which to help entities dedicated to supporting the most needy. As well as participation in solidarity events organised by ASSIDO (Association for people with Down syndrome), AEEC (Spanish Association against Cancer) or Astrapace (Association for the Treatment of People with Cerebral Palsy and Related Pathologies).
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