Proposals to ensure the safety and hygiene of rest equipment for the reopening of your hotel.

From the very moment the hotels were closed as an extreme measure to contain the pandemic, and once the initial tremendous shock involved in making urgent decisions, both to contain the famous “opex”, and to ensure liquidity in the short and medium term, we began to think about reopening, specifically, how the new health and safety measures would affect the relationship of guests with our products, which are those in the bed, specifically, the pillow, mattress and protectors.

The aim of this document is to help them, adding new solutions, for a better decision making that will allow us to achieve a safe rest for our guests, hygienically and sanitarily speaking, and at this time, especially free of the virus that causes Covid-19.

The first step in the preparation of this manual was to make a detailed study of all the publications launched by the different institutions close to the hotel world. The first step in preparing this manual was to carry out a detailed study of all the publications issued by the various institutions close to the hotel world, including those that were being published by hoteliers and restaurant experts, as well as consultants in the sector. However, we did not observe any specific measures to ensure the healthiness of the bed, the mattress or the pillow, the latter being a particularly delicate piece. We decided, then, to do it on our own so we have sought, when not designed and developed, specific solutions to ensure healthy and safe rest for guests in their room beds.

We started by conducting customer surveys, interviewing hotel managers, talking to maintenance managers, consultants, certifiers, asking our suppliers, and with the answers and the experience we have accumulated as manufacturers of hotel bedding products for over 30 years, we have achieved the result we show you.

Nothing would satisfy us more than to have been of help to you.