Contract Platform Murcia. Hospitality and residential

The contract channel, which is closely related to the habitat sector, refers to the distribution of architectural and decorative items and the design of facilities for collective use for institutional or corporate clients in the public or private sector who, in turn, delegate purchases and design to professional prescribers.

The contract market involves different types of companies that coordinate with each other to carry out the integral realisation of projects. A distinction can be made between the aforementioned prescribers (architects, decorators and interior designers), dedicated to the design and definition of the facilities or establishments, and the companies supplying the products needed by the former to carry out their projects.

The contract sector is completely internationalised, meaning that being part of it allows companies to be competitive abroad. Therefore, the fact that the Spanish furniture sector is a benchmark for this channel makes it stand out beyond the country’s borders.

One of the most powerful segments of the contract market is the hospitality sector, which includes hotels, restaurants, and bars. When we go to this type of establishments, we seek well-being and creating moments that can be remembered with a smile. To trigger these emotions and create unforgettable experiences, there is nothing better than good design and a magnificent selection of furniture.

The union between the Spanish furniture industry and the country’s architecture and interior design studios has brought to life an endless number of hotels, restaurants and bars characterised by a unique and inimitable style. These are functional and versatile spaces that improve people’s lives and in which Spanish brands and studios have achieved great results.

The residential segment, dedicated to the decoration and design of private residential complexes, apartments, houses, mansions, etc., is another pillar supporting the contract sector. The aim of residential interior design is to create functional spaces that reflect each client’s personal taste. A residential interior design can involve everything, from the ceiling to the floor of a house, though the scope of each project varies.

Using this channel for the design of residential spaces is the perfect option to achieve a personalised result that is totally adapted to the needs of each person. Decorating the home of a single man will not be the same as that of a family, for example. Thus, the design of these places considers the characteristics and preferences of each client, which are aligned with the capabilities and expertise of the design studios.

The Contract Platform Murcia presents architecture and interior design studios that work in these segments of the contract channel. Their presence on the platform is due to the fact that they all stand out for their know-how, which is reflected in each of the projects they develop. Although the list could be longer, it is worth mentioning some of them, such as Clavel Arquitectos, Mixtura, VCMV Arquitectura Interior, Marina Valenti and Emilio García Roca. All of them bring a unique style and design to contract spaces of different kinds, which translates into places with their own personality that contribute to enhancing the well-being of everyone in them.