Liquid Talks (Smartwater: Architecture-Design-Water)

In 2013, the We Are Water Foundation launched the Smartwater initiative, which I have had the privilege of leading, and which seeks to proactively link the relationship between architecture, design and water, promoting greater awareness and action on the part of architecture and design in the face of one of humanity’s greatest challenges, which is the lack of water. The current covid-19 pandemic has been favoured by the loss of ecosystems where water is the fundamental asset to keep them complete, the same happens with the rest of the environmental (climate change…), humanitarian (migrations, pandemics…) challenges,… all of which are linked and feed back into each other.

With the Smartwater initiative, in which outstanding architects, designers, developers-investors in the hotel/retail sector, and contract industries/professionals from different countries have been participating, we are trying to provide a creative and collaborative vision to facilitate the development of urban/tourist, architectural and interior spaces; products and materials that provide value from an environmental, social and business point of view. All of this is integrated into an orientation that facilitates the implementation of circular economy strategies in companies and professionals linked to the Contract Channel and especially the reduction of the water footprint of products, materials, processes, etc.

Within the framework of the above and action plans that have already begun to be planned since 2019 to integrate sustainability as a cross-cutting parameter in the value chain of the Contract Channel, I would like to invite you to the online meeting (by IG Live) that I will have next Wednesday June 10th with Architect Jorge Arditti at 6:30pm (Spain time) IG Live Account: @wearewaterfoundation.

To give you more perspective on the Smartwater initiative, I indicate the following information that may be of interest:

Preparatory meeting in Barcelona (May 2019) with Architects, designers, hoteliers of the Smartwter Smartbuilding Meeting

Smartwater Smartbuilding Meeting in Mexico City (November 2019)

By David Cámara