The international workshop of the Contract channel highlights the need for ‘coo-petence’ in the face of the current crisis

The international workshop of the Contract channel highlights the need for ‘coo-petence’ in the face of the current crisis

Before more than 500 registered, the panelists stressed the urgency of collaborating and competing to better face the commercial deterioration produced by the coronavirus.

Connected with experts from Colombia, Mexico and Peru, in addition to Spain, 500 registered could participate in the seminar of the commercialization channel “contract”, organized by the Instituto de Fomento (Info), where it was emphasized the need for a more collaborative international trade (coo-petence) so that companies, competing and collaborating at the same time, achieve the same goal.

“In Info we have been working for several years on this outstanding commercialization channel, of special relevance for our furniture, marble, natural stone and other companies, to which we have associated designers and architects in a unique and very complete commercial offer. The current circumstances have forced us to look for new ways to transfer the magnificent service and product quality of the regional companies. The fact that 500 people have registered is proof of the interest this sector has at international level”, assures Diego Rodríguez-Linares, director of Info.

The “contract” channel is a marketing channel that integrates the sectors of architecture, construction, furniture, upholstery, lighting, natural stone, engineering and any other product or service that may participate in comprehensive projects for the collective equipment of public or private buildings. This business formula makes it possible to provide a global solution to large projects such as hotels, resorts, hospitals, government buildings, tourist complexes, etc.

El taller internacional del canal Contract destaca la necesidad de la 'coo-petencia' ante la crisis actual

The videoconference, co-organized with other autonomous communities in collaboration with UNEX (Business Association of the Habitat, its Internationalization and the Contract, called “Webinar Contract: a shared vision from Latin America, USA and Europe”, was moderated by David Cámara, commissioner of the Contract Plan of the Region of Murcia that manages the Info, who highlighted the fact that sometimes crises are the way to great opportunities. For his part, the architect Marco Praga, from Bogota, appealed to the need to “think differently”, in a context where daily routines have been interrupted so this marketing channel should offer more flexible solutions.

Jorge Arditi, also an architect, but in the Mexican capital stressed the importance of the “contract” channel being reinvented with the current crisis, giving as an example a turn towards health, with the use of materials that reduce or eliminate bacteria. Juan Guillermo, general director of Marca Medellín, highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence as the best way to understand people in the current crisis that allows the strategic union between several companies that can collaborate and compete at the same time.

Info develops the Contract Plan of the Region of Murcia in several phases, starting with awareness and networking, through international meetings that allow to put in value and position at international level the offer of the companies of the regional habitat sector, promoting cooperation between them and enhancing the meeting with national and international prescribers.

Subsequently, a rigorous follow-up of the contacts maintained is developed through the organization of commercial missions to those destination markets considered strategic so that companies can come into contact with the key agents in the awarding of projects. Due to current circumstances, a planning of “Webinars” is foreseen so that, once the confinement period is over, companies can work directly on offers and commercial transactions without further delay.

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