Info manages the supply of health protection material and other services against coronavirus for about fifty companies

Info manages the supply of health protection material and other services against coronavirus for about fifty companies

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Plan (CSR), the Instituto de Fomento (Info) is managing the offers of health protection material, as well as various services, especially useful in the fight against the coronavirus, from some 50 companies, channelling the business benefits to the Murcia Health Service and, when appropriate, to other SMEs so that they can overcome the current difficulties.

Info, which in the past has been involved in various CSR projects, such as its membership of the United Nations Global Compact to fight climate change, has restructured part of its resources to cater for the abundant and varied offer of the Murcian business fabric, which ranges from the donation of 850 mobile phones so that doctors in quarantine can continue to attend to patients, in the case of PC Componentes, to the donation by the Zambú hospitality services company of 64. 000 m2 of polypropylene for the manufacture of up to 1 million masks, as well as advisory services, as Carrillo Asesores has done, for the resolution of the first consultations on the “state of alarm situation” in labour, fiscal or legal matters that may affect companies.

“It is not that we have been surprised by the avalanche and the generosity of the Murcian business community, since we already knew it through the numerous CSR programs that the companies themselves have been carrying out for years, however, it is relevant the enormous variety of offers that we are managing, which indicates the deep implication that in a crisis like the present one our companies are showing”, points out the director of Info, Diego Rodríguez-Linares.

To better manage the offers received and channel them effectively to be useful, the Info has formed a team specializing in this type of management composed of a dozen people. At the same time, it has established an extremely fluid communication channel with the Murcian Health Service (SMS), given that the priority is to solve the emergencies of medical material, in view of the shortage of the same, such as masks, gloves, gowns and other protective elements.

“About twenty companies in Yecla, with magnificent technical capacity due to their specialization in upholstery, fabric cutting and hi-tech tools, have organized among themselves in order to distribute tasks so that the production of protective material, whether for health-care workers or citizens, is speeded up and made available to the SMS in record time”, points out Rodríguez-Linares.

The Info management team has structured the offers in a triple typology in order to reach the final recipients as quickly as possible. On the one hand, there are the donations of material, such as the Makers of Murcia Association, which, by means of additive manufacturing systems, is making glasses on 3D printers. In second place, there is the grouping of service offers, such as applications to verify information in the context of the crisis or recruitment programs to better manage teleworking. A third grouping of companies revolves around what is on offer, in this case commercial, from companies that sell disinfection products, such as hydrogel and others.

The Info has a free telephone number, 900706700 – accessible from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening – as well as the e-mail address, through which all business proposals are managed, as well as providing guidance to entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and SMEs on any other matter related to their work activity. The list of all the offers, which is constantly updated, is available on the Info website under the heading COVID-19 Donations Campaign, at this link.