CONTRACT PLATFORM MURCIA. Traditional luxury interior design: heritage & craftsmanship

In an era dominated by machinery Spain’s furniture makers have not completely discarded their hand tools and the taste for precious ornaments and fine materials. After all, curvaceous lines, noble materials, impeccable finishes and great craftsmanship are still demanded when it comes to create spaces with a strong scenic and emotional appeal.

Beautiful carvings and refined finishes give character to the décor and tell a story. Even more modern pieces may require hand-made geometric shapes and chiseling work to enhance the overall appeal of a space. Marquetry, gold or silver leaf on carved reliefs give an opulent look, whereas a more natural appearance is achieved simply by adding wax to bring out the colour of the wood.

Although Spanish classic furniture manufactures have all adopted modern technology, in traditional luxury décor heritage and age-old crafts play still a decisive role in providing interiors with a unique look and setting an immediate luxurious mood.

One of the most outstanding traditional companies in the Contract Platform Murcia is MUEBLES LINO which has more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing
high-quality furniture for home and contract use. A great deal of the company work is bespoke but it also has several collections for home and office. Its products for the home include dining room, living room, bedroom, and home-office ranges, while office products cover tables, desks, chairs and shelving. Highly appreciated for the use of fine materials and its special finishes, the firm has worked on important projects in Spain and overseas providing made-to- measure solutions for hotels, restaurants, offices, embassies and consulates and private residences.

If there is something that never goes out of fashion is leather, a natural, sustainable material that has that intriguing ability of arousing emotions and add instant sophistication and elegance to a space. With many years of experience in this field, the Spanish MARIANO FARRUGIA is a leading manufacturer of high- quality leathers and supplier of textiles and accessories for the upholstered furniture, leather goods and automotive industries. Through their brand SOFFITTI PELLI, they collaborate with architects and interior designers in designing and manufacturing all kind of bespoke leather solutions and leather wall and ceiling cladding for residential and hospitality projects.

Additional services are also provided to meet the needs of their clients and ensure the complete furnishing of interiors.

The rustic charm of the Procençal style and the sophistication of classical ornaments combine in the Countryside Collection from high-end specialist TECNI NOVA, a line of chic yet understated luxurious furniture that stand out for its impeccable craftsmanship and natural appeal. Fine wood, Baroque carved ornaments, high quality leathers, aged lacquers and natural earthy coloured textiles convey a sense of warmth and natural elegance to your villa or country house projects. The company’s exclusive furniture and made-to-measure pieces – such as the tables of extraordinary dimensions with marquetry made on demand of clients – have been used to decorate the most refined residences, hotels and embassies in the world.

Who’s looking for a decoration of big impact at affordable prices should try the new collections from ZACHE DISEÑO. With its new classic designs, their ranges of living and dining room furniture, bedrooms and occasional furniture have all been conceived to bring a fresh take on traditional decoration. Made of solid ash wood and high quality MDF, pieces are finished in a variety of natural veneers – oak, cherry and walnut wood – and lacquers that maximize the personalization of spaces. Furniture is also embellished by silver and gold leaf details, hand-made carved ornaments, antique lacquers and attractive upholsteries.