Contract Platform Murcia: high-end interior design and custom-fitted décor solutions

Understanding the true essence of luxury interior design can be truly tricky as the term luxury belongs to those ambiguous words that can be understood in two or more possible senses or ways. So, if we assume that there is no set definition of what luxury is, we can deduce that the feeling of luxurious living is an individualistic concept. For some it may be a certain atmosphere of grandeur, opulence, and spaciousness. However, for others, it may be defined by clean lines, neutral or pastel colours, plenty of light and minimalistic décor.

Although it’s impossible to reach a common definition, there a few elements that are shared by luxe spaces: high-end furniture, great attention to detail, personalization, comfort and a sense of elegance and sophistication. In conclusion, to achieve a luxury feeling, the overall design should be well-executed and reflect the users’ personal needs and taste, improve their quality of life and the experience of their surrounding environment.

As for styles, luxury comes in many different forms and can morph with the changes in interior design trends. There are many styles that can convey the sense of grandeur, elegance, and comfort and some of the Spanish companies included in the Contract Platform Murcia are real masters in unpacking the true essence of luxury interiors. Their offer cover different ranges of products in styles that span from the traditional to the modern classic and the contemporary.

Modern Classic & Contemporary luxury interior design: sophistication, comfort and beauty

The Modern Classic style’s aesthetic epitomizes many of the best qualities of contemporary interior design, combining simplicity with traditional features to create clean and striking spaces that are timeless and refined. On the other hand, the Contemporary style has a more minimalistic approach and uses the natural tones and clean lines to achieve a sense of understated luxury.

Designer furniture has become strategic for the luxury market and Spanish brands has met this trend forging exciting new collaborations with big names of the international design scene. The added value and the improvement of products in terms of quality, functionality and versatility are really making the difference.

Worldwide design. Handmade in Spain. MOBILFRESNO’s slogan reflects the new credo of this Spanish company that since its inception in 1976 has turned from a small business company into a leading manufacturer of high-quality design furniture. The close collaboration between renowned designers and a skilled in- house production team has been crucial for the launch of new contemporary furniture collections that boast an incredible combination of beauty, quality, and functionality. Their production capacity and flexibility allow them to work on exclusive bespoke projects of all sizes all around the world.

Changes in manufacturing processes allowed the Yecla-based TECNI NOVA to renovate the formal classic style by breaking rules and introducing into their latest collections unusual twists and more contemporary designs. Top quality materials, artisan mastery, design and the evocation of the firm’s founding culture are at the heart of this new approach of the brand to luxury home décor concepts. The company, which is present in more than 40 countries, is about to launch a line of designer new products signed by Spanish designer Santiago Sevillano.

Strongly committed since their foundation in 1967 to quality, design and innovation, BELTÁ FRAJUMAR has turned into a specialist of living and hospitality furniture. In close collaboration with interior designers, designers and architects, they develop, manufacture and assemble furniture and highly customized solutions for hotel projects, tourist apartments, restaurants and public spaces. The great competence achieved in this industry allows them to deal with different types of projects, always offering solutions that go far beyond supplying comfortable furniture and a pleasant decor.

Set up in 1988, KOHER has a long-lasting experience as supplier of high-end customized furniture, lighting, textiles and natural stone claddings for private clients, offices, and commercial spaces, including hotels, restaurants, shops or any other space where bespoke solutions are required. With thousands of products, fabrics and finishes available, combined with an experienced team, an extensive knowledge of the interior design sector and a whole range of services, they are able to meet the demand of the most discerning client, offering complete furnishing solutions anywhere in the world.

Drawing inspiration from different sources and styles, CASUAL HOME & CONTRACT has developed a whole range of attractive indoor and outdoor furniture collections for home and contract use that stand out for their innovative and creative designs. The refined yet unconventional aesthetics of their products stems from the numerous collaborations with important design studios, all of them imbued with an innovative and future-oriented vision of design in terms of use and durability of products. Their offer is particularly rich and include chairs, armchairs, benches, sofas, poufs, headboards, desks, tables, occasional furniture, and accessories, all of them available in different materials, textures and a wide choice of finishes to adapt to the requirements of every project. CASUAL works also on bespoke commissions producing made-to-measure solutions for specific demands.