Contract Platform Murcia. Workspaces and offices

The Spanish office and contract furniture specialists use values such as efficiency, quality, ergonomics, design and competitiveness as common ground to develop products for workspaces that focus on well-being and productivity.

With the rapid evolution of technology and the increasing demand for this design based on well-being, companies are increasingly aware of the importance of investing in flexible and practical workspaces. Offices must be designed to improve both the employees’ performance and their welfare and comfort in the workplace.

Now more than ever, the challenge of designing a workspace goes beyond simply choosing equipment that works well aesthetically, it is necessary to go further and put human beings at the centre of the project, taking their needs and habits into consideration. It is also important to pay attention to the company’s corporate culture and organisational structure. Thus, when approaching an office design, it is necessary for the designers to ask themselves certain questions: How do people work in that company? How do people relate to each other? What is the purpose of the company? What is the leadership style?

To answer these questions, it is essential to be aware of the new work styles and methods. Today, more work is done in teams, remotely, and with greater use of technology. On the other hand, a new, more participative style of management and leadership that encourages creativity and information sharing at all levels is emerging.

Offices are no longer associated with grey and sad places, they are now adapting and mirroring an increasingly connected, flexible and sustainable world. There is now room for other elements that help to create a friendlier environment, such as plants and natural textures. Moreover, additional elements that reflect the company’s corporate image and that go beyond a simple logo can be included, such as play areas and innovation spaces.

In Spain we can find great examples of furniture manufacturers that have turned these values and new work methods into a fundamental aspect of their philosophy. Nonetheless, in addition to furniture companies, in this heterogenous market, architects and interior designers also play a crucial role in the process of selecting a project’s furniture and materials. Thus, it is important for the former to work closely with them.

The Contract Platform Murcia includes a list of engineering, architecture and interior design studios that are very dynamic in the office and corporate workspace design sector. Some examples are: Dictinio de Castillo Arquitectos, Clavel Arquitectos or Mixtura Arquitectos, among others.