Contemporary interior design: simplicity and subtle elegance

Basic, comfortable, and bold. Contemporary interior design is all about “here” and “now” with a focus on the trends “of the moment”; the style is therefore very dynamic and in constant evolution. More often than not, it plays around with historical styles, but it always embraces emergent technology and materials and takes on different forms as each season comes and goes.

Simplicity, comfort and functionality are key pillars of contemporary furniture design. Straight, clean lines and geometric shapes, innovative materials and a variety of textures intermingle sometimes with occasional sensuous curves and bold accents to add interest and an uncluttered inviting appeal to spaces.

Contemporary furniture brands from the Contract Platform Murcia experiment continuously with shapes, new materials and textures to create products that meet current trends offering at the same time a wide choice of finishes, textiles, colours and configuration options that increase customization and the possibility for clients to create their own look and style.

Design and innovation are at the heart of NOGAL YECLA’s brand philosophy. Working with emergent and talented designers, the company is a vanguard of creativity and creates modern furniture with integrity and character. Their mission is to come up with always fresh, innovative ideas that help to develop new concepts and offer alternative, distinctive solutions for contemporary spaces.

Minimalist, Nordic-inspired or Urban Chic in style, their design concepts boast all the highest quality standards and accomplish the strictest sustainability and safety protocols – the company is PEFC Certified (System of Controls for the Custody Chain of Forestry Products) and has a range of internal control mechanisms.

One of their latest collections, OPTIMUM, is an amazing mix of tradition and innovation. Noble materials, straight lines and curved elements combine in perfect harmony creating timeless, refined atmospheres in living and dining spaces and bedrooms. NOGAL YECLA works also on a bespoke basis adapting their products to the requirements of interior designers for residential and commercial projects.

A family-run company with more than 30 years’ experience, TENDENCIAS MARIN is dedicated to delivering excellent furniture collections at a good value, never compromising on quality and style. With an in-house team of skilled designers and craftsmen, the firm combines modern machinery and advanced manufacturing techniques to create the best contemporary designs and meet the demand of the ever-evolving market. Their ranges of modular living room furniture, cabinets and sideboards, dining and occasional tables, TV stands and media benches, shelving systems and bedrooms are offered in a variety of colours, shapes, size options and finishes to achieve uniqueness and a great look.

As many possibilities of configuration as possible. Great modularity and a rich choice of colours and materials – wood, metal, lacquers – are the most outstanding features in the OCEAN’S catalogue, a line of living room furniture that offers all that you need to create highly personalized spaces. MEDITERRANEO, on the other hand, is a line o bedroom furniture with a great variety of design options.

Comfort matters. To complete its offer for contemporary spaces, the platform includes also COMODON, a brand specialized in mattresses and sleep products. Founded in 1985 as a small business, the company has grown an international presence in more than 19 countries with 4 showrooms in Asian countries. Its range of memory foam, pocket spring and hybrid mattresses ensure the best restful night’s sleep, but also relieve pressure points, align the spine, and ensure excellent temperature regulation.

In 2007, the company set up HOSPITALITY COMODON, an exclusive department specialized in hospitality equipment that works in collaboration with the most important hotel chains both nationally and internationally. The portfolio of products includes also storage beds, bases, headboards, pillows, tops and removable covers.

As per kitchens, the sector is represented by CAUXI, a firm that has been manufacturing chairs, stools and tables for more than 40 years. Their table offer is quite rich, including different shapes – rectangular, square, round – and design options – with ceramic and glass tops, extendable or fixed, high tables. Space- saving solutions include drop-leaf tables, which are also portable, and a choice of folding tables for small kitchens.

All the models can be complemented by a wide selection of chairs and stools which come finished in different ways and colours: wood, metal, lacquered, totally upholstered or with upholstered seats and backrests. Styles range from Nordic- inspired or minimal to classic models that combine with more classic kitchen designs.