Interior design trends for 2023
Differences between Contract and Retail
Contract Platform Murcia. inspiration for all your projects.
Contract Platform Murcia. Workspaces and offices
Contract Platform Murcia. Hospitality and residential
Contract Platform Murcia. Major suppliers of contract furniture and services
Contract Platform Murcia. Designer furniture and accessories for urban projects and outdoor spaces
Contract Platform Murcia. Outdoor furniture with Mediterranean inspiration
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Contemporary interior design: simplicity and subtle elegance
CONTRACT PLATFORM MURCIA. Traditional luxury interior design: heritage & craftsmanship
Contract Platform Murcia: high-end interior design and custom-fitted décor solutions
The Murcia furnishing industry and the new Contract Platform Murcia
David del Valle: “Debemos producir no solo lo que pide el mercado, sino lo que mejora el entorno”
Oi SIDE prevé “una recuperación rápida” del Contract tras el frenazo del coronavirus
Liquid Talks (Smartwater: Architecture-Design-Water)
Wow effect and total security, by Gina Rosete
“It’s time to call the tribe”: aligning much more than economic interests, by Didier Fenu
It’s not time for answers yet. This is the time for questions, by Sergio Sebastián
Adaptation of post-confinement hospitality spaces: “By design or by default”, by Zuleika Toscano
Adequacy of post-confinement hotel spaces, by Marco Rodolfo Praga
Webinar Conclusions: Prepared for the Opportunity, by Marco Rodolfo Praga
Thinking outside the box’, showing the ‘back of the house’ and improving communication: how design is reinvented in the Contract Channel
Ready for the Opportunity – International Contract Webinar
Info seeks to x-ray, through a survey, the business situation against COVID-19
Proposals to ensure the safety and hygiene of rest equipment for the reopening of your hotel.
Aid to SMEs for the implementation of e-commerce projects available at our Electronic Headquarters
The contract will have a slowdown until the end of the year and a quick recovery in 2021
The international workshop of the Contract channel highlights the need for ‘coo-petence’ in the face of the current crisis
The Coronavirus Surveillance Committee designs actions to mitigate the effects of the crisis on the regional economy
Yecla’s furniture companies concentrate their efforts on the manufacture of masks
The yeclana Fama Sofas stops making furniture to produce masks because of the coronavirus
Coronavirus in Murcia: Full Face Masks
Comodon and the responsibility of heroes
Corporate Social Responsibility
Info manages the supply of health protection material and other services against coronavirus for about fifty companies
The Info reinforces the support to the contract sector to look for alternative sales channels.
Newgarden from Murcia presents a 100% solar street light with 1,200 lumens of power.
“Contract companies that work with the BIM method have an advantage in accessing large projects”, David Cámara of the Spanish Contract Association.