Adaptation of post-confinement hospitality spaces: “By design or by default”, by Zuleika Toscano

Adaptation of post-confinement hospitality spaces: “By design or by default”, by Zuleika Toscano

The situation we are going through worldwide is unprecedented, we are talking about a “new reality” that is just beginning to be put on the table in what exactly it will be. It is a fact that businesses, leisure spaces, offices, hotels, shops will have to implement, and communicate that they have adequate and effective security measures when they reopen their doors, after this pandemic, as the new legislation, codes, seals are implemented by both the unions and governments, there is talk of labels such as “safe hospitality”, which will involve the controlled capacity, disinfection protocols, which largely will be provided or viable by the type of decoration or construction materials used in public spaces.

It is here where from the origin or adaptation of spaces will have to be done ” By design or by default”.

For more than 37 years Vertisol has been a manufacturer of technical textile solutions for hotels, offices and retail, always prioritizing the health of users and the environment.

The integration of the production of our products from the formulation-development to the commercialization, allows a high level of traceability, control, adaptation and innovation. This is why for more than a decade the orientation of the developments has been oriented towards:

  • Fabrics for curtains recycled, recyclable, with certifications oriented in the circular economy as C2C, cleaning the planet and the oceans from discarded plastic bottles.
  • Development of fabrics from renewable fibers, such as beet, sugar cane or corn, separating us from the oil chain.
  • Antibacterial fabrics and floor and wall coverings, with valid arguments and certifications in external laboratories but which are characteristics that will have to be prioritized in view of the recent situation.
  • Fabrics with high resistance to standardized disinfection procedures, resistant even to cleaning with bleach or chlorine.
  • Acoustic panels oriented to a space solution, but made entirely of recycled materials.
  • Vertisol international as a responsible company and with the technology and team will continue in the line of developing products that meet the coming regulations, providing solutions to architects, designers, hoteliers and shops.

Individual commitment will be the key to collective success.


Sales Manager at Vertisol Internacional

Born in Mexico City, Chemical Engineer by profession, with more than 15 years of technical and commercial experience in international markets for the Chemical and Textile industry.

In 2014 she decided to move to Spain and specialize as a sales manager, being Vertisol International her latest project, where she strives to bring her knowledge in the American and European markets for the implementation of textile solutions in the contract market.